How To: Cook quick, healthy, and inexpensive meals at home

Cook quick, healthy, and inexpensive meals at home

After a long, grueling day at work and a grueling commute home, the last thing you want to be doing is prying yourself away from the couch to start an hour-long dinner prep session. While we totally get that, it actually doesn't take much to make a meal at home.

Check out this video to learn what steps you can take to save money on homemade meals as well as what to keep in stock for those times when you're rushed and need to whip something up right away.

This edition of "It's About You!" shows us how easy it is to prepare low-cost and healthy meals - quickly - for our families at home. Chris Duncan, FCS agent for Oldham County, and IAY host Marianne Smith Edge dispel the myths and give great advice on the food staples and tools you need to start saving money and eating healthy at home today.

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