How To: Get rid of stomach bloating on a raw food diet

Get rid of stomach bloating on a raw food diet

In this video from RawRadiantHealth she answers a question about how to avoid bloating on a raw food diet. Vegetables sometimes make people bloated and retain water. This might be that your colon is too clogged up. It's an issue of the condition of your intestines that needs to be dealt with. Over time you have to clean out your diet to clean out the bad stuff coating the inside of your intestinal tract. Fruits and vegetables are cleansing and help to pull out the bad stuff in our intestinal tract. The biggest suggestion is to be well hydrated. Drink water between your meals, not with your meals. It is more difficult to digest when drinking during a meal. If it's after your meal, drink water an hour after. Eat water rich food which includes fruits and vegetables. Next simplify things. Minimize nuts and seeds. Eat nuts with greens as well. Third thing is to have meals that only have no more than 3 ingredients. This is something to do for the first couple of weeks on a raw food diet. Have green juices and celery. Sometimes going too fast and too soon won't work for you. Your body needs to adjust.

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