How To: Gain weight like a sumo wrestler

Gain weight like a sumo wrestler

Have you ever wondered how sumo wrestlers are able to obtain and maintain such massive figures? Joseph Stickland, an applied clinical nutritionist, will explain to you exactly how a sumo wrestler is able to do this. Joseph will also explain the health detriments and the dangers to this type of lifestyle. Joseph explains that sumo wrestlers will skip breakfast, exercise, eat massive amounts of calories, (10,000 calories at least) for lunch, take a nap, and then have another mega calorie meal for dinner. Joseph explains how sumo wrestlers exploit their metabolisms in order to retain their massive sizes and how unhealthy this is. The ramifications for this lifestyle is dangerous and unhealthy; such as the development of diabetes later on in life. Interestingly, this type of lifestyle is similar to the one many Americans have. By watching this video you will learn what to avoid and what to seek in terms of nutrition so that you don't end up with a sumo wrestler physique.

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