How To: Gain weight quickly and increase your appetite

Gain weight quickly and increase your appetite

This video gives advice on how to gain weight by increasing your appetite. It is important to eat nutrient dense high calorie foods. The problem is how to increase your appetite enough to be able to eat the calories you need to gain weight.

Go to the food section of the website and start recording what you eat each day so you can measure your daily calorie intake. Do this for three days, then take your daily calorie consumption and increase it by 500 calories for the next seven days.

It is important to eat a big breakfast every day; if you train yourself to eat more, your appetite will adjust. Also, using bigger plates and bowls will encourage you to eat more. Set a timer each day to eat every three hours. This will train your body to expect food at certain times.

Sip water throughout the day rather than drinking a lot at one time, which will fill you up. Finally, avoid fried foods, they fill you up quickly with very little nutritional benefit.

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