How To: Avoid foods that raise cholesterol

Avoid foods that raise cholesterol

Nancy Dell is telling us what fats are bad for us. Fats that raise cholesterol. There are two categories of that kind of fats which are bad for us one is saturated fats. Saturated fats are those fats which are extracted from animal like milk, cheese, butter, any cream, yogurt, meat etc. So you have to choose low fat milk to get protein, calcium from the milk. Poultry skin has also saturated fats so you have remove it before you eat it. If you want to eat meat you have to choose some leaner version of it to avoid saturated fats. Second is Trans Fats that are taken from the oils. Foods contain such fats like popcorn, coffee creamer, chips, fried foods etc.

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If chicken from the freezer is in a freezet bag that has puffed up should you use it or discard it.

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