How To: Grow wheatgrass at home

Grow wheatgrass at home

Incorporating wheatgrass into your diet can be beneficial to your overall health in many ways. This video teaches you how to grow wheatgrass in your home to supply yourself with a constant batch to include in your diet. First, add about a cup of wheatgrass seed to a jar of water. Drain the water out and continue to rinse the seeds several more times. Leave the jar of seeds to sit for about a day and half to allow the seeds to sprout. Then evenly spread the sprouted wheatgrass on a layer of wet soil. Cover the seeds with newspaper and moisten the newspaper with water. Bring the tray to sit in your house and after a few days, your wheatgrass should grow to about 3-4 centimeters. With constant watering, your wheatgrass will continue to grow. You can cut off the top portion of the wheatgrass and make it into juice to add to your beverage or meal.

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