How To: Strengthen your bones with a Mediterranean diet

Strengthen your bones with a Mediterranean diet

This video is a report by Terry from Good housing keeping. She reports that women of any age should be thinking of bone health and one of the best ways to strengthen your bones experts say is to follow low fat Mediterranean diet.
Tonie Hope, director of Good house keeping says, "Following Mediterranean diet you eat lots of fruits and vegetables and no red meat, fish, olive oil and low fat diary products. Eating papaya, spinach along with other fruits and vegetables provides the best acid balance in the body to keep the bones strong".
The Mediterranean diet does not contain high amount of saturated fats and processed foods. More fruits and vegetables in a diet, the better the diet, because the products are loaded with fibers, vitamins and minerals.

To void off the hump which develops with age try doing yoga. Women who had serious curves in their upper back improved their posture with yoga classes three times a week over 6 months of time span.

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