How To: Make healthy baked beans

Make healthy baked beans

The tutor advises that the beans are high in protein and fiber but the problem is that when you buy it from the market they are high in sugar and also have artificial colors. So to make healthy beans first of all you need to take a can of 'cannellini organic beans'. You can also use any other type of beans. Now you need some water and some salt to go with it. Add these beans in a pan. You can also add some left over beans. You can now add some 'organic strained tomatoes' which is just like a tomato puree. Now season it with salt. Now place them over a stove and then switch the heat on. These beans look and smell the same but the taste of these beans becomes better because of the tomatoes. You need not put any sugar, color or any kind of preservatives. So you can make healthy beans at home in this way. Now you can also add some grated cheese, pepper and some dried 'oregano'. You can have your beans with toast or eggs. That’s it.

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